Mooshe Box 

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The concept

Every month, our design team is creating a pair of socks. We deliver it to our members. It is that simple.

With all the pressure in today's world, we decided to create a simple and fun membership program! Everybody loves surprises and more... Everybody loves socks!

The Scrunchie Box

You're more of a Scrunchie fan? We've got you covered!

Our way

We believe in nature's protection. This is why we try to use the least possible amount of resources to conduct our business. In line with this philosophy, our packages are really minimalist.

No Box

the packages are delivered with a small recycled plastic bags.

No Flyers

We do not put flyers nor ads in our packages.

No Hassle

The process is kept as simple as possible. 



Mooshe Box - $7.95 Family Box - $11.95 Scrunchie Box - $7.95 

If you want to learn more about us, we invite you to check our website!